Marc Lo Porto 

website:                                                www.zenzela.com

e-mail:                                                 mlp@zenzela.com 

date of birth:                                               20-01-75

nationality:                                                   French 

languages:                                                   English, 
                                                                      Portuguese (basic),
                                                                      Italian (basic) 

education:                      B.A.F.A. (Brevet d´Aptitude aux Fonctions d`Animateur),
                                                           1992, Cergy Pontoise, France 
                                       Baccalaureat economique et social (BAC b),
                                                           1994, Paris, France
                                       A.A. degree Journalism and Photography,
                                                           1998, Santa Monica College, California 

work:                             1992-1995 
                                      worked in several summer camps, schools, 
                                      and programs with children and teenagers all around France 
                                      Theatre 95, promotion department, Cergy Pontoise, France 
                                      salesman/manager Horizon West surf shop, Santa Monica, California
                                      (original zephyr/dogtown surf/skate shop)

                                      photojournalist/staff writer, Corsair Newspaper, SM, California
                                      server/bartender, different establishments around Los Angeles area                                            
                                      founded "MLPublishing" (Marc Lo Porto book publishing company)
                                      conducted exclusive interviews and pictures around Venice Beach           
                                      catering restaurants and private events, Los Angeles, California
                                      wrote, designed and published “Fantasy Land” (english-language book) 
                                      book promotion and art shows around the U.S.A. (see exhibits) 
                                      created and designed www.venicebook.com (HTML based)

                                      freelance writer/photographer (published in different magazines) 
                                      travelled by automobile from North to South America
                                      tourist industry related jobs, including guide and camps management 
                                      (surf camp manager, Morro Negrito, Panama, adventure guide
                                      Huanchaco Adventure Service, Trujillo, Peru) 
                                      English conversation tutor, La Serena, Chile 

                                      English teacher/instructor and course designer, CCI 
                                      (Centro de Communicacao de Ingles), Florianopolis, Brasil 

                                      founded MLPhotography (Marc Lo Porto photography company)
                                      freelance work around europe and West Africa (photojournalism)  
                                      sales and distribution for Samagic products, tenerife, Canary Islands

                                      founded and designed www.zenzela.com (FLASH based)
                                      surfing instructor and project manager, Santa Monica, California
                                      lifeguard for private pool parties and celebrities exclusive events

                                      wrote, designed, and published "Panamoricana" (second book) 
                                      tour and promotion around Europe and Americas (see reviews)

                                      head of the parts department for E-glyde international (electric vehicles)
                                      Santa Monica, California
                                      grape-picker, Chateau Peyrabon, Bordeaux, Haut-Medoc, France
                                      founded "MLProductions" (Marc Lo Porto film productions company
                                      freelance photography work and travels around South East Asia
                                      (including Hong Kong and China)

exhibits:                        photography show at “The Sandbox” gallery, Abbot Kinney Blvd,
                                      Venice, California, july 1999                     
                                      book and photography exhibit at SMC Art gallery, Santa Monica,
                                      California, Oct 1999
                                      Exposicion de fotografias "Por el camino", centro cultural de Los
                                      Christianos, Tenerife, Marzo 2003
                                      documentary "Dave's addiction" projection at Cre8tivity gallery,
                                      Washington blvd., Venice, California, July 2004
                                      proyeccion de largometraje "Zenzela", ayuntamiento Arona, Spain
                                      book release and photography show "Panamoricana", C.A.V.E.
                                      gallery, Rose ave., Venice, 2008
                                      photography exhibit and book release party "Panamoricana",
                                      i-lounge, Marbella, Spain, March 2009
                                      art show "una noche de viaje", sala LAI, Gijon, Spain, october 2009
                                      film release premiere "54 Rose", 54 rose ave., Venice, CA, august 2010
                                      photography display, venice art walk, CA, september 2011
hobbies:                        athletics- 
                                      with emphasis on watersports
                                      have been swimming since i was born and surfing regularly                                                     for over 20 years
                                      free-diving and diving (PADI certificate, Honduras, 2000) 
                                      film editing, photography, prose and creative writing
                                      adventure driving- 
                                      have travelled through the U.S., Mexico, Central America,
                                      and around South America for 3 years by automobile (see second book)
                                      have driven across the sahara desert several times, 
                                      including a 5 months journey from Europe to Liberia (West Africa)
travels:                          Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Catalunia, Chile 
                                      Costa Rica, China, Colombia, Djibouti, Ecuador, El Salvador, England       
                                      Estonia, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guatemala, Guinea, 
                                      Euskadi, Honduras, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Laos, Latvia, 
                                      Lesotho, Liberia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritania, 
                                      Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, 
                                      Oman, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, 
                                      Reunion, Russia, Samoa, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, 
                                      South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, The Gambia, United Arab 
                                      Emirates, Uruguay, Vatican, Western Sahara
                                      lived in Morocco, France, Spain, United States of America