"De alguna manera, Panamoricana es el libro que a cualquier persona en su sano juicio le gustaria escribir. el resumen fotografico del viaje de un hombre -Marc Lo porto- y su pareja a lo largo y ancho del continente americano."


"Venice Beach is 'Fantasy Land' in Marc Lo porto's delightful new book of the same name- a place where eccentrics thrive and folks are layed to shed their inhibitions and whatever the hell they want."

"Under Lo Porto's genteel scrutiny, these captivating nonconformists defy the dismissive labels with which society at large attempts to tag them. Instead, they become colorful examples of Norman Rockwell portraits wherein the homeless man or the street performer takes the place of the Rockewellian dentist or fireman."

"Each Lo Porto interview is a refreshing escape from the 'follow the rules' mentality that the media rams down our throats on a daily basis."

"In 'Fantasy Land' Lo Porto has done something few have done before- he's let the residents of an alternative community define themselves without the condenscension or sneering they usually get from journalists or writers exploring similar terrains. One learns a lot about humanity by just turning the pages of this rare social document. At turns amusing, enlightening and touching, it's the best book about Venice ever and the best book about L.A. this year. anyone interested in life should read 'Fantasy Land'"


"'Fantasy Land' is a collection of 27 interviews and photographs of some of Venice beach's most fascinating characters, who help to contribute to the fame of this local attraction."

"More than a tourist souvenir, 'Fantasy Land' spins a tale of magic and the lure of Venice beach. It also brings attention to a side of society that has been the area's underlying life force but has always been grossly misrepresented."


"Mr. Rogers neighborhood it ain't, but Marc Lo Porto's 'Fantasy Land' is the place to hang out if you want to meet some of the most colorful characters in SoCal."

"Though Lo Porto's foray into publishing has been a hit, his next adventure has nothing to do with the musty real of pen and paper... The trek will start in Mexico and go south, but Lo Porto hasn't thought beyond that point. will his travels result in another book?"


"A total of 27 performers answered such questions in Lo porto's self-published book, which also displays and arrays of photographs of Venice legends including Harry Perry and Perry Farrell."


"Marc Lo Porto, in his recently published 'fantasy Land', searches beyond the limits of the naked eye to fathom the the inner and outer core of this unconventional, world-famous beach community. he focuses his camera and uses his pen to unravel the spirit and soul of the people of Venice beach. Lo Porto's 'Fantasy Land' embodies an intense photographic journalinvigorated with the intimate feeelings and thoughts as spoken directly by real-life characters in the book."

"Determined to see his book in print, Lo Porto systematically researched each step of the publishing process. This included copyright procedures, designing page layouts, raising funds, and ultimately the organization of his own publishing company. 'Fantasy land' is a visually exciting book from a multi-talented young photojournalist."